Zenjin Viperz


Zenjin Viperz are a collection of 2,000 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain, built by a team of experienced artists, engineers, and marketers.


  • The Path of the Warrior
    • Build our audience - Discord, Twitter, Medium
    • Mint - Solport Launchpad
    • Choose a Faction - 14 day locked staking with tokenomics
  • The Might of the Warrior
    • Battle Missions - Gamified/High Risk staking missions to compete against other factions and earn ranks
    • Ranks - Gamified trait that increases via multipliers and missions
    • NFT Upgrade - Visual upgrades including animations, armours, displaying faction + ranks
    • Raffle House
  • The Challenge of the Warrior
    • Faction War
    • Faction Leaders - Legendary 1/1s
  • The Rebirth of the Warrior
    • Expanding the Ranks
    • Awoken Zenjin
  • The Death of the Warrior
    • Gladiators Rising
  • The Secrets of the Warrior
    • ??

Development Studo

Zenjin Labs is a development studio building software on Solana, and other chains. Funds earnt from selling white labeled solutions power the Zenjin treasury.


$SNEK Supply

  • The maxiumum supply is 40,000,000 $SNEK.
  • Intitial Liquidity Funding: 1000 SOL.

Token Earn

  • Every Zenjin Viper starts with a token earn rate of 1 $SNEK per day.
  • Once a Viper has chosen a faction they will receive Rank One, Scout.
  • Every Scout will earn 5 $SNEK per day when participating in Battle Missions.
  • Participating in Battle Missions will earn you points.
  • With those points you will be able to reach new ranks.
  • As the Viper climbs the ranks, their token earn increases.

Token Burn

  • Bottles - Bottles will cost 20 $SNEK to fill up, you will need to use this to animate your Viper as well as assist your Viper during battle missions.
  • NFT Customisation - New traits and assets will be available as you rank up to buy with $SNEK.
  • Faction Change - Changing faction this will incur a cost depending on the size of the faction.
  • Legendary Leaders - 5 special 1:1 Viperz will be available via auction.
  • Raffles - Win whitelist for upcoming projects, as well as vaulted NFTs.
  • Merchandise - Purchase merch via our own token store. More details to come shortly!
  • Awoken Zenjin - When the time is right we will expand the ranks.

NFTs & Items

Zenjin Viperz

Zenjin Viperz are a collection of 2,000 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain, built by a team of experienced artists, engineers, and marketers.

$SNEK is the currency that powers the Viperz, everyday Viperz are able to earn $SNEK through staking.

Zenjin Bottles

More details to come shortly!

Zenjin AI

More details to come shortly!

Morphed Zenjin

More details to come shortly!

Awoken Zenjin

More details to come shortly!

Awoken Items

More details to come shortly!



Factions are the backbone of our community. Every single one is unique in what they can do and has their own beliefs and goals. This means they have their own multipliers among other features.

Every Zenjin Viper will need to go on their own journey to attune with a faction and fully realise their potential, there will also be the facilitity to change Faction in the future for $SNEK.


The Quetzal (ke-tsal) were one of the first factions out of all Viperz to build a religion. Whilst the vast majority of Viperz recognise the World Snake as their progenitor and God to be observed and served in its’ name, the Quetzal went above and beyond creating sacrificial templez.

The Hyve (Hy-vh) are the most remarkable amongst the Viperz. Finding themselves being raided often in the early days they sequestered themselves away using ley-lines and other odd forms of channeling world energies to create one encompassing barrier. With no one able to get in without the right tools, the Hyve became an incredibly peaceful nation and have discovered groundbreaking technologies such as electricity and flight.

There was once only the World Snake. No one really knows how the Viperz came to be but it’s almost universally agreed upon that the Salamanderz (Sal-ah-man-derzh) were the first to slither in this world. While the Salamanderz were the first, they certainly didn’t carry forth the momentum and instead their technologies very much resemble the legends of yesteryear.

The Nagaz (Nahg-aaz) have only ever known war. If they’re not fighting with another faction, they’re fighting amongst themselves. For the Nagaz there must always be death before dishonour. To be dishonoured is to not only dishonour one’s self and one’s family; this dishonour climbs the boughs of the ancestral tree, past their ancestors and straight to the World Snake.

To some, the Aberrantz (Ah-berr-antz) are no more than impure Viperz that not even the World Snake wants to look upon. To others, the Aberrantz show great potential of that which Viperz could become. What is universally agreed upon however is they’re not a typical Viperz.

Battles Missions


Battle Missions are our version of gamified staking, it takes all the elements of our project and allows our holders to improve their NFT's value themself, over time.

Once you have chosen a faction, Battle Missions will be available daily. They refresh every day and depending on your faction and rank you will earn different amounts of token and battle points - but be careful your next mission could your last.


Participating in Battle Missions helps improve your rank. Every Rank has a points pool that you must force your win into to rank up, work your way to the top and show off!

Our 14 tier ranking system allows our holders to work towards something instead of being random. Every time they completely succeed in a battle mission their Viper will receive battle points that will help them climb the ladder. The higher you climb the more token you can earn.


More details to come shortly!

Faction Wars

What are they?

Zenjin Faction Wars is an interactive gamified staking system that rewards its warriors with digital rewards.

By entering the War you are representing your Faction, with an aim to gather enough points to be crowned victors. The victors will directily benefit with a regular airdrop of a % of the collections royalties for the whole of the next season. You will need to work together, lie, cheat and steal to make sure your faction comes out on top. From boosts to missions, there will be a lot of ways to earn experience points.

Each seasons winning faction members will claim a special token for them to keep and show they won a season.

How long will they run?

Each season will run from 8-12 weeks, during the final few weeks an end date will be announced.

Experience Boosts

Throughout each season there will be plenty of chances to earn experience boosts over periods of time. Some of these include missions and burning Archaic Viperz. The first mission will launch around Monday 6th March, look out for an announcement.

A Viperz rank will soon give unique experience boosts and rewards, levelling up in the war will give you access to a reward to boost your Viperz rank, with atleast 1 secret rank to be revealed.

Airdrops & items

By participating in the war you will unlock digital rewards in the form of airdrops and items. A lot of these items will be tradeble, some like mint passes will not be. They will be claimable on the War site as they are unlocked.

Certain airdrops will provide boosts, some can be used to help your faction win, while others can be used to help your Viper survive. Every item will have a purpose in this war and will be used in a seamless fashion on your Viperz page.

You will be able to share your Viper page and show off certain items you have earned, found or unlocked.

Councils & Leaders

Faction councils will be formed as the season progresses, with the council voted a leader at the end of the season. Every wallet can hold Viperz in different factions, and people are starting to set up strategies to claim victory.

Once the season ends, the council will vote on a leader, who will receive a special 1/1 Viper. That Viper will be the only one of its kind, and will have access to the inner circle, to help vote on project matters in the future.

Awoken Zenjin


More details to come shortly!

Supply & Mint

More details to come shortly!


More details to come shortly!



More details to come shortly!