Zenjin Viperz are a collection of 2,000 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain, built by a team of experienced artists, engineers, and marketers.

Hero Background


During the great battles between the Gladiators and the Zenjin something was disturbed, something that had been sleeping for thousands of years.

That being was the World Snake, a creature so enormous that its body looped across the ocean surrounding the world’s continent not just once, but three times.

And now it was awake, in one swift moment it destroyed the Pit and watched as the Gladiators and Zenjin fled. It then moved back underground to gain enough power to surface again.

After some time had passed, 2000 Zenjin Viperz were chosen afrom the factions that survived and started training for the battle to come.

The Quetzals
The Salamanderz
The Naga
The Aberrants
The Hyve


To level up your Zenjin Viper you will need to choose a faction. Every faction is unique and has their own beliefs. They will have their own multiplier depending on how collectively they perform during battle missions, you will be able to change Factions but it will cost you - so choose wisely!

Battle Missions


Once you have chosen a faction, Battle Missions will be available daily. They refresh every day and depending on your faction and rank you will earn different amounts of token and battle points - but be careful your next mission could your last.

Rank One
Rank Two
Rank Three
Rank Four
Rank Five
Rank Six
Rank Seven
Rank Eight
Rank Nine
Rank Ten
Rank Eleven
Rank Twelve
Rank Thirteen
Rank Fourteen


Participating in Battle Missions helps improve your ranks. Every Rank has a points pool that you must force your win into to rank up, work your way to the top and show off your Rank by adding it to your NFT or showing your Discord friends who's the best.

Frequently Asked

There will be 2000 Zenjin Viperz that will be minted. Later in the roadmap we will be introducing the Legendary Leaders from each faction.

The mint is 18th May 2022 at 4PM UTC. 2000 wallets have access to mint during a 4 hours peroid, and at 8PM UTC we will open the mint to the public.

Yeah and it rocks.